Monday, March 24, 2008

Khmer New Year is coming

April 13th is the start of Khmer (Cambodian) New Years.
Haven't heard of any Casino plans except for Holiday Palace Casino.
They've been piling up lottery tickets from their customers for a big New Years raffle.
Motorcycles, flat screen TV's, mobile phones, and more mobile phones, and piles of booze, (Hennesy?), as well as a great feast for the gamblers.

Holiday has opened up a Texas Hold'em game in the VIP room with a $200 buy in. They're still adding machines in the lobby casino, but other plans have been put on hold.

Golden Sands Golden Beach is still not officially opened yet, but surely by New Year's start they will be ready.

Poker games are still going stong at Hard Rock three days a week and at the Golden Lions Plaza.

For more info, check out SihanoukVille Casino website.

And that's it!

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