Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SihanoukVille Casino update

Golden Sand's Beach Club Casino is days away from opening. All the machines are installed and are running through tests. They're letting tourists come in and play for free at the moment for testing purposes, (although you don't get to keep your "winnings" and no free booze or meals yet). This will be the only machine only casino, but some of the card game tables are quite impressive. Also, the only casino with a swimming pool at the moment.

Fortuna Casino has finished it's first 3 months open very well. This is the largest casino in town, with the most gaming tables. The rooftop breakfast buffet is very well attended, and they've got the coldest Angkor Beers in town.

New Peak Casino is also doing quite well after opening 4 months ago. Their comp ads in The Sihanoukville Advertiser with $5 coupons for food, rooms and gambling has attracted a lot of interest.

And finally Holiday Palace Hotel and Casino. The longest running casino in Cambodia in one location at this point. Holiday Palace is in the process of upgrading it's interior, machines, and locating a live sports betting parlor and poker room.

A couple other existing hotels are in talks about getting casino facilities, and a couple large resorts are either in the planning stages or initial construction which will have casinos also.

Looks like SihanoukVille has struck oil already!

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