Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Golden Beach Club @The Golden Sands. Now Open!

Congrats to the Golden Beach Club Casino on a successful opening just days before Khmer New Year hits SihanoukVille! It didn't hurt the grand opening that the town is filling up with tourist from all over Cambodia and the world to celebrate New Year's at Cambodia's premier beach resort. By tomorrow (Friday the 11th of April), most rooms in town will be filled up (for the next week.)

The casino features several dozen brand new electronic slot machines in over a dozen flavors, a roulette machine for 8 people, a couple standard poker machines, a couple deluxe poker table machines, fresh Tiger and Angkor Beer, and a small, but well designed menu. Looks like there's space to put in a couple more big games.

The staff was having a great time also, after training for months for the opening. As the night got later, the Golden Beach Club filled up even more, with tourist coming back to the Golden Sands for the night, and other tourists looking for some entertainment.

Heng Heng, Joon Po Chnam Thmei, Good Luck, and a Happy New Year to all!

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