Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Years continues.

New Years is over (thank god) and the party is continuing in the casinos.

Competition is really heating up, and it's great for the gamblers.

Holiday gave away several (dozen) prizes for new years, including motorcycles, TV's, mobile phones, and lots of bottles of booze. Every table was packed for most of Khmer New Year.

Peak Casino, with their $10 table credits and $5 food coupons is also enjoying a good crowd.

Fortuna has been doing the best late night (after midnight) business. Sunday night at 8pm is the Lucky Drawing for $100, $300 and $600 prizes. Coupons are given out at all the tables, and it's great on the $2 blackjack tables.

and Golden Beach Club Casino at the Golden Sands Hotel has really been impressive. They've been handing out $20 credits for the gaming machines on the beach, and have had many "Sit Down, Order a Free Beer, and Get a $10 credit" for the machine promotions. (only catch is that you have to double your money to get any money out). Fair Deal!

The Golden Beach Club and Fortuna have been cashing in on the tourist boom at the Ocheteaul Beach end of town. The beach is slated for renovation soon, so next tourist season should be even better.

That's it!!! 'til later.....

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