Friday, November 28, 2008

One more Casino in SihanoukVille

And there's one more casino coming to SihanoukVille, Cambodia. Just off the Golden Lions Circle, near Fortuna and Golden Beach Club Casinos. As yet to be named, but rumored to be the biggest.

Holiday Palace is again renovating and expanding. Upstairs is Cambodia's first Indonesian restaurant, and downstairs may be a sports betting club and more. The newly renovated slot gaming room has bee quite full.

Fortuna has seen steady gains in table gambling, especially after midnight. They've had many successful prize drawing throughout the year for new motorcycles, TVs and cash.

Golden Sand - Golden Beach Club has seen the most improvement lately, with a new mix of machines and the introduction of electronic baccarat and blackjack tables. They're the only casino without live card games, but have the newest and most modern gaming machines.

The planned casino on Otres Beach is making progress in the planning stages, and what else is coming up, is any one's best guess (or bet).

Cheers from Sunny SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

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