Friday, June 8, 2018

SihanoukVille's Casinos in 2018. SihanoukVille, Cambodia.

SihanoukVille Casino Scene in 2018.

Wow!  What a year so far.

We've seen a new casino open here every 2 weeks, for the last half year.
(one did shut down)

The total is now over 40 casinos, not counting the on-line only casinos tucked away around town.

And more are coming. (like in two more weeks there will be one more)

At least a dozen we know about are under construction, and we're betting there're several more we don't know about.

All the new casino are being built to Chinese standards.  (as they are being built by Chinese companies with Chinese workers, for a Chinese audience.)

Some casinos are the size of a large living room, some are several times larger than a living room, and none come close to being big.  But most of them have on-line operations, some, with thousands of staff.

Most of the casinos have free guest rooms for gamblers, and they all have some types of additional comps.  The newest Chinese casinos mostly have "Water Bars" with free drinks for gamblers, but no booze.  The older ones, free drinks for all.  Also many casinos have lucky draws every week/month/year, and you can get gift items with your comp points.

Many (hundreds) of Chinese restaurants, stores and markets have popped up around town in the last year.  Even several Chinese pawn shops.  And Many KTV Karaoke Mens' Entertainment Massage Bar clubs have popped up as well.

There are several skyscrapers going up around town, with apartments, hotels, condos, shopping and office space.   One project near Otres Beach even has 17 cranes working 'round the clock.  Bet there's gonna be a casino or two included in this.

And to top it all off........   Wisney World's coming to town.  Over 1 Billion dollars, and of course, a casino!

All in all, it's been a pretty good year for the Casinos of SihanoukVille.

                                                                            See You Soon!

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